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Is There a Greener LNG?

Is There A Greener LNG? You bet there is! Replacing coal with natural gas can immediately reduce carbon emissions by half. But the story does not end there. Sourcing the natural gas from low emissions fields, producing LNG itself with clean hydroelectric energy and using LNG powered vessels as a means to transport the natural gas to close-by markets are all ways companies are seeking to deliver a greener LNG product. As carbon capture technologies evolve further, emissions from using LNG as an energy supply are expected to decline even further.

By utilizing low sulphur natural gas from wells already drilled to produce oil, by producing the LNG with hydroelectric energy and given that this project is half the distance to EU markets compared to facilities in the Gulf of Mexico, the LNG NL brand will represent some of the greenest LNG available on the planet at a time when consumers are expecting more from suppliers.

Setting Our Own Targets - Big and Small!

Newfoundland and Labrador is known for its rugged beauty, pristine natural environment and rich renewable resources such as fishing, forestry and agriculture. We have a vibrant tourism industry and a people who care about where they live. LNG NL is committed to producing the greenest possible LNG for reasons that extend beyond regulatory requirements and industry targets. We live here and our environmental goals are very much based on who we are and want to be as a business. We intend to be the good example as we responsibly focus on all things big and small that impact Net Zero goals, our total environmental footprint, and the quality of life of future generations.

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