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Why Does the World Need LNG?
Is There a Greener LNG?
Why Newfoundland LNG?

During the construction of our pipeline and offshore hub, and at the Grassy Point Terminal itself, LNG NL intends to partner with best-in-class contractors that share our values and can help us meet our commitments to a sustainable future during construction. During operations we intend to not only access renewable energy for operations but take specific governance, hiring, safety and conservation measures in our day-to-day operations to minimize our environmental impact and carbon footprint.

LNG is recognized globally as a low carbon, high energy fuel that is a necessary part of the transition to net zero. Newfoundland and Labrador is known for its rugged beauty, pristine natural environments and rich renewable resources. The province also has a vibrant tourism industry and a people who care about where we live. For LNG NL our commitments to sustainability and producing the greenest possible LNG are not just about meeting the demands of regulators and consumers, they are about who we are and the kind of business we will build here.

LNG NL recognizes that converting intention to action is how we will continue to earn our social license to operate in NL and the respect of our customers in a global marketplace. Together with our Miawpukek First Nation partner we intend to set clear sustainability goals and be an example to the world.


LNG NL believes there is a link between high-quality governance and sustainability. In creating value for our shareholders, partners and the communities in which we work, LNG strives to utilize innovative, practical and environmentally sensitive solutions. Our expectations of our employees and those with whom we contract are consistent with what we expect of ourselves, exemplary ethical standards, personal and corporate integrity and respect for all others.


LNG NL will be an inclusive business by hiring and contracting with entities that demonstrate acceptance over tolerance and understand the value that everyone brings to the workplace. We intend to not only respect laws and requirements that support diversity and also show leadership in this area because we believe it will make LNG NL a stronger and more sustainable company.

Inclusion and Diversity
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Safety is our highest priority. It is influenced by behaviours at every level of our organization. Through the provision of education, training and feedback, LNG NL will ensure that all employees and contractors have the knowledge and skills to operate in a safe and environmentally respectful way. Every person at LNG NL has the responsibility and authority to stop unsafe work and see that appropriate action to address is immediate.

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We believe that the transitioning to net-zero is a collaboration every business must engage in. LNG NL intends to carry this responsibility through at every level of our value chain and will develop formal goals as we progress our project.


Our intentions are as follows:

Sustainability Statement
  • We will adhere to all environmental laws in the areas in which we operate.

  • Wherever practical we will avail of the most efficient technologies and techniques to minimize carbon emissions, environmental impact and risk.

  • We will encourage conservation and reduced consumption of natural resources and consumable goods.

  • We will strive to source renewable and low carbon energy to operate our business.

  • We will value low carbon emissions in our supply chain assessments and ensure that all contractors and suppliers of goods and services adhere to the Company’s environmental management plans, policies, and procedures.

  • We will make the Company’s carbon emissions goals and environmental management plans, policies, and procedures broadly accessible.

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